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Prudence Vom Taperferen Herzer Litte

- Prudence Vom Taperferen Herzer

Prudence Vom Taperferen Herzer (Prudy) is a loved member of our family. She is very loving, calm and clean in our home. She travels well and adjusts to any situation such as air travel on long road trips. She is a very strong water dog and a tireless hunter of downed ducks. She performs well on pheasant hunts as well as quail and geese hunts. She is also a strong tracker and is ready for the VGP. She was referred to as, "The most reliable retriever I have ever dealt with.", by Jason Wilde. It was Jason Wilde that suggested Gunner as a mate for Prudy. We are very excited about this breeding and look forward to these pups.  


- Gunner Vom Orion  


Gunner is an outstanding male. His owner, Paul Trust, tells me that he is a very calm dog in the house, kennel and car but a beast in the field. Gunner is outstanding in the water and a very strong tracker as well. I have several friends that have hunted with Gunner and say the same things. Gunner is an 11 on both form and hair.