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Planned litter

Plans are being made for our B litter. We will be using Prudence vom tapferen Herzen  with the male that is undetermined at this time. We are considering a O litter male from the tapferen Herzen kennel. I had a male from the female of the O litter that I thought was one of the best males I had ever seen.  His picture is on my home page. I am also considering the male I used for the A litter.  Check back later to see which male I decide to use.  I have so many of the A litter really happy with their pups that it will be hard not to use Gunner.  As of this date I have 2 people that have put their name on the list for one of these pups.  I keep a list of people that want a pup from my next litter. They will pay their deposits when it is decided which male will be used. If you want on this list for a litter around Oct. 2014 contact me.