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A new plan

 I had planned on taking Miss Phila II v.d. Dachswiese to Germany to breed for vom Freda Haus  D litter. I tried as hard as I could to get my passport before she came into heat. However it wasn't in the cards and I was unable to get it in time.  Then as luck would have it I was offered Mentor IV Del Zeffiro, an outstanding young  male from an outstanding owner/trainer.   After a lot of thought I  agreed to purchase him as long as he was here by Philas' 10th day. He made it here on her 9th day!!!  I took him straight to the field and water and once sure he was as advertised introduced him to Phila.  They got along nicely and got very busy!!!!  Having only been in America for  a day I am sure Mentor thought coming to America was a great deal!!!   I expect pups the last of April if thing go as planned.