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Lazy Dan

I actually have not been lazy . I have been busy with health issues and dog judging etc. So let me update on our planned J litter. I have bred Olga IV to Lord v.d. Westmark. My Olga is one heck of a fine dog. She hunts like crazy and is a pleasure to hunt. She takes training well and with her natural talents scored ooutstanding on her tests. Her VJP was a 77. Her HZP was a 190. She scored a perfect VGP with a 348 UF She did the dead game guide also. These scores are often discounted by some breeders. I understand that scores aren’t everything. They are a good indicator though.!!!!. Olga when not hunting is a wonderful dog to be around. She is quite, clean and well behaved. She is loved by all that know her. I picked Lord for two reasons. First off I saw him at the Armbruster in 2017. He was a freak in the water, scoring a 12 and earning best water dog.. He finished third, very close to the first place dog. I know Lords handler well, Jason Wilde. Jason told me that Lord was the best tracking dog he had ever trained . Thats a big deal as he has tested something like 50 dogs. He also said he was over all one of the top dogs he had ever been around and trained. Secondly, I bred Olga to Lord’s sire her last litter. The pups are all very talented . I did however have a couple of slicks. Lord is a F/F which means zero slicks. I had Lord at my house for close to three weeks . He is a great dog to be around. He acted like he was raised here! I have what I call the honeymoon suite. It’s a fenced in area inside a larger fenced in area. I put Olga in there and then I would go get Lord. I would have Lord off lead and tell him heel. He would heel off lead everytime knowing Olga was waiting. Pretty darn good!!! The pups will be here around the 11th of March. I am taking deposits now.