vom Freda Haus

Vom Freda Haus Kennels


The testing program that is provided by the Deutsch Drathaar organization (VDD.GNA) is an outstanding program. It is this program that adds so much to our breed. I ask and encourage that new owners of Vom Freda Haus pups join the VDD.GNA and test their pups in at least the first two of these tests. 

The natural ability tests (VJP) is conducted in the spring and the (HZP) in the fall. These two tests, when properly trained for, will ensure that you have a really nice hunting partner. These test also give me feed back as to how our breeding program is progressing. We also ask that new owners participate in a breed show which serves to measure your dog against a breed standard in both coat and conformation. We will assist buyers of Vom Freda Haus pups in preparing for the above mentioned tests.  

Buying a pup from our kennel will be the beginning of an amazing journey for first time owners of this outstanding breed. It will be a step in continuing this journey for those who have owned a Deutsch Drathaar before.