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Phila 11 and Lukas

Phila11 v.d. Dachswiese and Lukas vom Fuchsberg  have been honeymooning this week.  This will be our B litter and I couldn't be anymore excited. Phila is a wonderful dog that is very pleasing to the eye and a heck of a nice dog in the field. She is very effective in the water as well.  Her test scores are very nice with a VGP score of 329 prize 1.   Lukas is all that and a bag of chips also.  He is just an outstanding, calm male. He is eye candy, that is awesome in the field  and water. He is a big boy 67/68 with a breed show of 11/11. He  is a prize 1 336 VGP  dog with 4f in the search behind the duck. If all goes well I will be looking at pups the last week of April.