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Lukas vom Fuchsberg

I have sold Lukas to my friend Heather Prunty of vom grizzle Creek kennels in Washington state. Lukas will still be able to be used for breeding. He is an outstanding male and I am pleased with the time I spent with him.


F litter

Since I last took the time to update my site much has happened. I imported one of the finest females I have ever been around. Her name is Olga IV del Zeffiro. I bought her from an outstanding handler/trainer in Germany named Sebastian Petermeier.  She is the so well trained and her hunting ability shows it. She has an outstanding point and a nose that is fantastic. She hunts smart and hunts for the hunters. Her manners are outstanding. She tested off the charts, scoring 77 VJP, 190 HZP, and a perfect Prize 1 348 VGP that included an overnight bloodtrack and a dead game guide. She is a very nice 10/10 breed show with a short tight coat.  I have hunted her and lived with her and find her to be a valuable addition to vom Freda Haus .  I have spent countless hours thinking about which male would best work with her. I have placed my deposit with Alwin II vom Bandorfer-Forst. Alwin is a handsome stud that will bring a bunch of mass and athleticism to the mating. I am expecting Olga to come into heat around August.  I will take deposits on 3 males and 2 females as several have been spoken for.