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You have come to Vom Freda House , probably because you are a hunter and you are looking for a hunting dog. I feel like you will be extremely happy with the Deutsch-Drahthaar.  Later, we'll have a history of the breed. The history is quite important and really good to know and understand.  This history is what has given us the best over-all hunting dog that you could ever want.  However, what we have is way more than just a hunting dog. They become an actual member of ones'family.

My dogs are all house broken and spend a part of each day in my home. They are calm in the house but this is after the puppy stage. During the puppy stage they can be a real handfull. They will keep you laughing at their puppy antics. However, it's the time when they learn manners, learn to stay in their crates and learn simple commands.  It's also at this time I teach mine to say the prayer before they are allowed to eat!  As they mature and have learned some manners they really become members of the family.

I have several friends that if you see them you see their dogs. One guy I know, I'll call Sly, takes his dog everywhere. When he goes to Home Depot his dog rides in the cart.  Another friend has four in the house and when you pay her a visit you'll see four DDs looking out the window. I have a male that rides the mower as I cut the yard.  Things like this really add to the experience of owning a DD. 

You will also find that they are very protective.  I don't worry too much about my wife being alone if she has one of the dogs inside.  Remember that they are hunters and are bred for the hunt. They require a lot of training and a lot of time. While I have found them to be easily trained, they still require the training.  There are many good trainers in the VDD.GNA and most are willing to give training tips.  More about this later. What I want to make plain now is that there is more to these dogs than just hunting. What has been important to me is that if you are a really hard hunting person, you'll hunt no more than 60 days a year. That leaves over 300 days that you aren't hunting. It's great to have a dog that is more than just a hunting dog.  It's great to own a Deutsch-Drahthaar!  Now for that history I promised.

The Deutsch-Drahthaar came into being during the 19th century when breeders in Germany decided to create a hunting dog that could fulfill multiple roles. They wanted a dog that could perform well in the field, the forest and in the water. The Drahthaar was the product of this breeding. It was a dog that could point, blood track, retrieve on land and water and perform well during rescue operations. This versatile hunting dog was created using the Stichelhaar, Griffon, Pudelpointer and the Deutsch-Kurzhaar.


Characteristics of the Deutsch-Drahthaar are a follows:

- They are mid-sized dogs with the height of the males ranging from 61 - 68 cm and females range from 57 - 64 cm.  

- Their fur is wiry with a think under wool that protects the dog from harsh environments and landscapes.  

- The Drahthaar has a unique facial appearance consisting of elongated eyebrows and as well as a facial beard. 

- They come in a variety of colorations from brown and white to black and white ticked. They may or may not have some solid patches and a solid white chest is common as well.  

The Drahthaar is not to be confused with the German Wirehaired Pointer. There are various differences that distinguish the two. The first of which is the breeding regulations. The German Wirehaired Pointer have had no regulations or restrictions on its breeding practices since the late 1950's. The Wirehairs do not have to undergo any sort of performance test and these tests are a standard for the Drahthaar.  Because of years of unregulated and unrestricted breeding, the German Wirehaired Pointer has inherently evolved into a separate breed.

The dog may sound like a great hunting companion but some may worry about its demeanor at home. After all, an energetic hunting dog is certainly not a dog you would want around kids, right? Wrong. This breed is extremely gentle and loving with children and the family. They are protective dogs that will guard the home and the family with vigilance. In fact, according to the official North American Drathaar website, www.vdd-gna.org, regulations will not permit any negative behavior.

"VDD Breeding Regulations specify that DD’s who show unwarranted aggressiveness toward people or other dogs are to be removed from the breeding program, so these traits do not get passed on.".

These dogs are the real hunting dog. They are able to do anything you need and not just with mediocrity but with excellence. Just like any other hunting dog, they need attention and training if they are to reach peak performance. They will undergo various tests throughout their lifetime and it takes a dedicated hunter for such a dedicated dog.

All-in-all, the Drahthaars are versatile hunting companions that have the endurance and tenacity to work in nearly any condition and under any circumstance imaginable. They are loyal and dedicated hunting partners that are gentle at home and tough on the job. Their energy and enthusiasm is unsurpassed and they possess a passion for the hunt that is equaled by none.